How to Choose an Automatic Watch Winder

How to Choose an Automatic Watch Winder

The automatic watch winder is the smart way of keeping your automatic watches. The watch winder will keep your watch in the same manner rotation as wearing on your wrist. If you are looking for an automatic watch winder, then there are several factors that you need to consider before you choose the right one. These factors will help you to find the suitable and quality one.

  1. The capacity of storage. The bigger watch winder can store 2 till 4 watches depend on capacity. Large storage automatic watch winder capacity is the recommended option if you have a timepiece watch collection. Another benefit of larger watch winder sometimes it also withstands with bumps and the offer shield to watches better than the smaller size winders.
  2. Sound. This criterion often overlooked by the consumer before they buy the watch winder. It is important to analyze the noise of the watch winder motor. The watches winders that have over noise during the operation tend to have poor quality. This noise also can be unpleasant when you place it in a living room or bedroom. Choose the silent motor of watch winders.
  3. Rotation direction. Ideally, the watch winder rotates both clockwise direction and counter-clockwise. The only one rotation can cause the automatic watch’s mechanism wear over time.
  4. Price. Last but not least, when you buy automatic watch winder, then the price is the most important thing to consider. Cheap is not always the best. Always avoid buying the cheap automatic watch winder. This automatic watches winder tend to exert the pressure ion the watch and can impact negatively to the mechanism and overall performance. Buying a quality automatic watch winder can be an expensive cost to spend, but the possess mechanism prevents the over winding reduce your stress.

Buying an automatic watch winder gives you many benefits to keeping your watch performance.

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