Top 10 Best Places to Study in European Universities

Top 10 European Universities

There is the host for attractive or affordable places for international students that expect to study abroad in European universities. Here are the top best places for study abroad in Europe so you can narrow down your option with ideal requirement fit with budgets, needs, and expectations.

  1.  Germany is a place well-known as the best places to study abroad in Europe, especially if you want to save money. This because there are no tuition fees when you go toward the undergraduate degree in a public university.
  2. France is home for 10 universities that ranked in QS World University Rank. If you are interested to study in France, you should speak well with French as almost of universities taught in French.  However, you may interest to learn in more than 1000 courses that taught in English. France is also you can expect for low tuition cost and high quality of education.
  3. Italy becomes home of some prestigious and oldest universities but not all of the programs offered in English, but still, there are programs that taught in English.
  4. Such as another country in Europe, you can expect prestigious universities that offer low-cost tuition fee. Tuition cost in Spain is more affordable than study in the UK or US.
  5. Many university programs taught in English in Sweden and also opportunities to get a scholarship. In addition, there are opportunities to achieve Ph.D. level as free if you come from abroad student.
  6. Netherland is another popular destination for an international student to study in Europe. It is affordable and also close to London and there are many programs offered taught in English.  There are over 2.100 courses that taught in English.
  7. Poland is a country that offers competitive tuition cost and low living cost that you can compare when study abroad in other European countries.
  8. Finland has a public university that offers free tuition cost for students that come from EU/EAA.
  9.  Slovenia is a beautiful country that also has options for highly rated universities. You can also wish to get the doctorate program level with free. There are around 150 programs taught in English and the whole country has a low cost of living.
  10. The tuition fee is if you attend a public university in Norway. Although Norway is considered an expensive cost living for international students than in other Europe areas, Norway has friendly locals, beautiful landscape and also low crime rate.

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